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Simple validating php form

concentrates on the PHP side of the program, with heavy emphasis on the new features, such as the ability to work directly in the Document window with Drupal, Joomla! Dreamweaver CS5 is capable of generating code hints on the fly for custom functions and classes, as well as third-party code libraries, such as the Zend Framework.

But, there are spammers and hackers who are looking for exploitable web forms.

To have these skills on your portfolio/resumé will make you highly desirable to potential employers as it proves that you have an understanding of all aspects of web development.

Welcome Info and Setup 1 So what is my site going to look like Preview of product 2 Downloading the web server - Its easy 3 Creating our database 4 Inserting Values into our Test Table Register Sign Up Form 5 Lets create the register form 6 Getting values from the form 7 Checking that the Emails Match 8 Creating the Users Table 9 Checking that the Email Hasnt Already Been Used 10 Validating Remaining Values 11 Storing Values in Session Variables 12 Storing the Error Messages 13 Displaying the Error Messages to the User 14 Generating a Unique Username 15 Giving the User a Random Profile Picture 16 Inserting the Values into our Database 17 Finishing touches - Finally Login Form 18 Improving efficiency - Only 2 extra lines of code 19 Creating the login form 20 Writing the Login Handler 21 Handling Login Errors 22 Reopening a Closed Account Styling the Register Login Page 23 Setup and Introduction to CSS 24 Adding our Page Background Image 25 White Panel Background 26 Panel Header 27 Using Custom Fonts 28 Styling the Input Boxes 29 Showing and Hiding the Register Login Forms 30 Register Page Finishing Touch Building the Foundation of Our Site 31 Header Page and Redirecting Users not Logged in 32 Adding Twitter Bootstrap 33 Creating the Blue Top Bar 34 Making a Simple Site Logo 35 Navigation Bar Icons Starting the Index Page 36 Creating the Main User Details Column Structure 37 Styling the User Details Panel 38 Adding Data to the User Details Panel 39 Creating the Newsfeed Column - Part 1 40 Creating the Newsfeed Column - Part 2 41 The HTAccess File 42 Creating our Newsfeed Database Tables 43 Object Oriented Programming - The User Class 44 Posting Status Updates - Part 1 45 Posting Status Updates - Part 2 46 The Forgotten Logout Button Newsfeed - Getting Posts 47 Loading Posts - Part 1 48 Loading Posts - Part 2 Checking if Account is Closed 49 Loading Posts - Part 3 Getting the Timestamp 50 Loading Posts - Part 4 Output to Newsfeed 51 Styling the Posts 52 Infinite Scrolling Auto Load Posts - Part 1 53 Infinite Scrolling Auto Load Posts - Part 2 54 Infinite Scrolling Auto Load Posts - Part 3 55 Infinite Scrolling Auto Load Posts - Part 4 56 Our Infinite Scrolling System - Explained Newsfeed - Extra Features 57 is Friend function - Is user A friends with user B 58 Only Showing Posts from Friends 59 Posting Comments - Part 1 60 Posting Comments - Part 2 61 Displaying the Comment Section - Posting our First Comment 62 Loading comments - Part 1 63 Loading comments - Part 2 64 Styling the Comments - Part 1 65 Styling the Comments - Part 2 66 Displaying Number of Comments for Each Post 67 When Link is Clicked Dont Show Comments 68 Like Button - Part 1 69 Like Button - Part 2 70 Like Button Handler 71 Unlike Button Handler Undoing a Like 72 Like Button Styling Profile Page 73 Creating the Left Profile Bar 74 Styling the Left Profile Bar 75 Add Friend Buttons - Part 1 76 Add Friend Buttons - Part 2 77 Friend Button Styling 78 Remove Friend Functionality 79 Add Friend Functionality 80 Creating the Friend Requests Page 81 Accepting and Ignoring Friend Requests 82 Styling the Friend Request Buttons 83 Showing the Popup Post Form 84 Creating our Main Java Script File 85 Submit Post Ajax Form 86 Adding the Delete Post Button 87 Delete Button Functionality and Styling 88 Profile Page Newsfeed 89 Profile Page Newsfeed - Finishing Touches 90 Mutual Friends Calculation 91 Displaying the Mutual Friends Count 92 Uploading Profile Pictures Messaging System 93 Making a Start on the Messages Page 94 Retrieving the Most Recently Interacted with User 95 Creating the Messages Table 96 Messages Page Heading 97 Message Form Setup 98 Sending Messages 99 Retrieving the Messages - Part 1 100 Retrieving the Messages - Part 2 101 Styling the Message Form 102 Styling the Messages 103 Automatically Scrolling to Most Recent Message 104 Getting the Conversation List 105 Getting the Latest Message from Each Conversation 106 Getting the Conversations List - Finishing Off 107 Styling the Conversations List 108 New Message - Part 1 109 New Message - Part 2 110 New Message - Part 3 111 Styling the New Message Page 112 Profile Page Messages - Setting up the Tabs 113 Profile Page Messages - Adding our Message System 114 Profile Page Messages - Sending the Messages Dropdown Message Box From Navigation Menu 115 Setting up our HTML 116 Writing our Java Script Function 117 Creating our Ajax File 118 Retrieving the Data for our Dropdown Window 119 Configuring the Return String 120 Dropdown Message Box Styling 121 Infinite Scrolling - Part 1 122 Infinite Scrolling - Part 2 123 Adding the Message Badge to the Navigation Bar 124 Notification Badge Styling Notifications 125 Creating the Notifications Table 126 Creating the Notifications Class 127 Adding the Notification Badge to the Navigation Bar 128 Insert Notifications Function 129 Profile Post Notifications 130 Liked Post Notifications 131 Comment on Post Notifications 132 Sending a Notification to all Commenters 133 Inserting Notifications - Bug Fixes 134 Notifications Dropdown - Part 1 135 Notifications Dropdown - Part 2 136 Styling the Notifications Dropdown 137 Notifications Dropdown - Bug Fix 138 Creating the Page to View a Single Post 139 Writing the Function to get a Single Post 140 Setting Notifications to Opened 141 Friend Requests Notification Badge Live Search 142 Search Form Setup 143 Search Form Styling 144 Search Form Java Script 145 Get Live Search Users Function 146 Creating our Live Search Ajax Page 147 Deciding which Query to use 148 Configuring the Return String 149 Debugging...

It is essential to secure your form against all ‘holes’ that those hackers are searching for.

Note: Using Simfatic Forms you can build awesome contact forms in minutes. Drag and drop build the form and and get it online fast. Download the Full Featured Version of Simfatic Forms here Spammers exploit web forms for two purposes: If you are not validating your form fields (on the serve side) before sending the emails, then hackers can alter your email headers to send the bulk unsolicited emails.

Check for the presence of any “new line” (rn) in those fields.

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Simple validating php form introduction

Simple validating php form