Postdating a legal document

In no section of Masonic authorship has history been so badly served as in that of the Royal Arch, where the blending of fact and fancy so often causes the reader perplexity.I hope that my readers will do their best to approach this book with minds open and as free as possible of preconceptions.(His publication, in the lodge "Transactions," of the actual record of the interrogation of John Coustos by the Inquisition (17) and of the minutes of the chapter that so quickly became the First Grand Chapter (1766), with his comments thereon, gives us two of the most notable recent contri‑ butions to authentic Masonic history.I have well profited by them.) Also, I would thank Harry Carr, for his painstaking revision of the section on the Ineffable Name; George S.2076, the world's premier lodge of Masonic research) and Miscellanea Latomorum (let us hope only temporarily suspended), is a heavy one, for there is little on my subject in the lengthy files of these publications that I have not read in my search for enlightenment.All Masonic authors of to‑day have reason to be grateful to these two remarkable founts of knowledge.And most sincerely, also, do I hope that the serious student will find in it occasion for kindly, constructive criticism; indeed, I am The title of this book may be thought to err by omission.

2190, in 1913, and was in the First Principal's Chair in 1925‑26.

Draffen (Grand Librarian, Grand Lodge of Scotland), for placing his manuscript The Triple Tau at my disposal in advance of publication and for permission to quote from it; Gilbert Y.

Johnson, for help in connexion with the history of York Royal Arch masonry and for lending me his writings on the subject; Bruce W. ritual, of which I have been able to make considerable use; Sydney Pope, for arranging for the photographing of an ancient banner preserved in the Canterbury Masonic Museum, of which he is Curator; Norman Rogers, for help in general and for the loan of his MS. Pick, for arranging for the loan of many photographs, some preserved in the museum of which he is Curator and others belonging to the Manchester Association of Masonic Research; John R.

What I have tried to do in writing this book is to make available to Companions who have had little opportunity for specialized study an essentially readable account, as authentic as possible, of the history and lore of the Royal Arch, affording an insight into some matters which in the past have tended to escape the attention of all but the serious student.

Not only do I hope that my readers will enjoy reading my book, but that some few of them will be able to use it as a source of material for short, simple addresses designed to arouse and foster the interest of their Companions.

But it is to be noted that it is only sparingly used nowadays in the accepted rituals, and ‑ a fact that has mainly influenced me ‑ it does not form part of the titles of the Grand Chapters of England, Ireland, and Scotland.

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Postdating a legal document introduction

Postdating a legal document