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Dating and fin

Unlike them, he views justice in an objective, "black and white" manner and believes that all criminals should be punished according to what they deserve regardless of the circumstances under which they commit the crime.He also tries to separate his private and professional life as much as possible and keeps a tight rein on his emotions, refusing to talk about his problems or to admit that the grisly nature of his work often affects him.Formatos muy por encima de la media de ambas cadenas.A partir de ahí, la productora ha ido creciendo con otros formatos que siempre han llamado mucho la atención en su arranque.Un programa que mezclaría las relaciones sentimentales con las personales, dada la situación de sus protagonistas.La factoría Eyeworks, ahora englobada bajo la marca Warner Bros.

Ken contacts Benson instead of his father and tells her he is digging up the street to look for a body of a dead woman.

He is an avid fan of first person shooter video games, and is a regular at an annual video game convention.

On why he would play such games considering the nature of his job and his military background, he explained to his colleagues that he viewed these games as an escape from the grey areas he faced on the job, and that he found solace in the "black and white" nature of these games where he was the one hunting down a clearly defined "bad guy." In a deleted scene from Season 18 Episode 14 ("Net Worth"), it is revealed that Fin passed his sergeant's exam and became an NYPD Sergeant alongside Benson, who is now a Lieutenant.

Internacional Television Production, ha sabido hacer un hueco notable e importante en la producción española.

La productora nació de su confianza con la Sexta y Cuatro, con formatos que mezclaban el humor con la realidad como se convirtió en todo un fenómeno en las redes sociales, algo que ha sabido hacer muy bien la productora, y alcanzó un 10% de media.

His military background remains sketchy as he rarely speaks of it or only makes vague and indirect references to it; however, in season 10, he explicitly mentions serving on Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia in order to connect with a military rape victim.

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Dating and fin introduction

Dating and fin

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